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Hong Kong is always my lovely HOMETOWN

My body has been fully RECHARGED during my short break in Bangkok. What a wonderful vacation!! I don't have to focus on my work. Play around, eat great food and then sleep on my bed in a hotel room.

I am really like travelling. My heart feels so free when heading to the airport. Trying to be a local, I like to experience something new in culture and lifestyle. My travelling memories are always full of happiness and fun. But when the aircraft touching the airport runway - and yes, that's the time I come back my lovely hometown, Hong Kong. It is the most comfortable moment and perfect ending of my overseas journey. 

Hong Kong is pretty small in terms of its area compared to other cosmopolitan cities but it is a vibrant city and never lets you down. The city is dominated by mainland China with 100+ years history under British colonial rule. But it is not a place just simply East (China) meets West. As a hub of Asia culture, the lifestyle is also highly influenced by the neighbourhood countries such as Japan, Korea, South-east Asia culture. 

That's how I have the idea to upload more blog posts about Hong Kong. I'd like to show the great attractions and unique culture of this city to people from all over the world. I really hope more people will be deeply attracted by this amazing place and explore the fascinating side of Hong Kong. 

Welcome to share your experience travelling in Hong Kong. Hope you love this city as I do.

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